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"With over 10 years in the classroom 
as a guest artist teaching drama, storytelling, juggling, puppetry, and spoken word poetry, I am still amazed at
how powerful and impactful
this work is for students and teachers."
- MarLa Brennan


Improv game "Freeze"
Student audience
"I'm a Tree" Improv Game
Students Design
Making art together
Proud of their work

Guest Artist & Teacher

What the teachers say...

MarLabs in the classroom

Samuel Roxter, Grade 5/6 teacher

 "Through your skills and talents, it is impossible to overlook the immense impact you had on the growth of our class, not only as actors but as individuals." 

Empowering students through play-based learning

HOW I WORK (1).png

Curated lesson plans with curriculum connections

The MarLabs Drama Class Lesson Plan
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