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"The biggest thing that helped me through chemotherapy, surgery and the fallout of cancer was my imagination. Creativity has a profound role in recovery and I want to bridge that gap in cancer care."
- MarLa Brennan


Emcee for 2023 Hearth Place Indoor Fun Walk
Leading the audience warm up
Successful one day fundraiser
MarLa B and fundraisers
MarLa B on the mic
MarLa B leading

Fundraiser Emcee &
Program Facilitator

Crisis increases creativity


In 2020, at age 35, I was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of ovarian cancer. 

I underwent total hysterectomy, chemotherapy and alternative treatments which worked to stabilize the disease.

I discovered that imagination was a vital tool in my recovery.

Empowering myself and others using a unique creative process

 I curated a creative process to help cancer survivors find the

EMPOWERED SELF and then have a conversation with cancer, in their imagination. 

We use this process to unpack the emotional challenges of cancer, and to find a healthy and empowering way to use the imagination to face cancer and its role in our lives.

If my skillset, experience and mission is right for your audience, please reach out today!

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